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BARCCSYN16 - Barcelona Computational, Cognitive and Systems Neuroscience

Jun 16, 2016 to Jun 17, 2016
IEC (Barcelona)
Gemma Huguet (scientific committee)
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Barcsyn is about bringing together researchers from computational, systems and cognitive neuroscience.  Our goal is to provide a forum for lively discussion and promote active collaboration between Barcelona-based research groups, especially between theorists and experimentalists.

This is the fourth annual Barccsyn conference.  The conference will be held on Thursday and Friday, June 16 and 17, 2016, at the Institute d'Estudis Catalans.  Each day we will have 8-10 brief oral presentations from local researchers, a poster session and a longer keynote lecture from a renowned researcher from abroad.  You can check the past editions here.

Keynote Speakers


Alain Destexhe, Laboratory for Computational Neuroscience (CNRS Gif-sur-Yvette)

Agnès Gruart, Universidad Pablo de Olavide (Sevilla)