PhD Students


Román Moreno

The role of resonances in Arnold Diffusion.

Directores:  I. Baldomá, T.M. Seara.

José Lamas

Collision dynamics in the three body problem.

Directors:  M. Guàrdia, T.M. Seara.



PhD thesis since 2006

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1. Mar Giralt

Homoclinic and chaotic phenomena around L3 in the restricted 3-body problem.

Directors: I. Baldomá, M. Guàrdia.


2. Jaime Paradela

Instabilities in Hamiltonian Systems and Celestial Mechanics.

Directors:  M. Guàrdia, T.M. Seara.


1. Oscar Rodriguez del Río.

Ejection-collision orbits in the Restricted Three-Body Problem.

Directors: Mercè Ollé, Jaume Soler (UPC).


2. Roisin Braddell

New geometrical and dynamical techniques for problems in Celestial Mechanics.

Directors: Amadeu Delshams, Eva Miranda (UPC).


3. Fabrizio Paita

Nonlinear Procedures Applied to Formation Flight Strategies for Spacecraft.

Director: J. Masdemont.


4. Jorge Alberto Soliz

Nonlinear Methodologies Applied to Formation Flight About The Earth.

Directors: J. Masdemont, A. Camps.


5. Otávio Marçal Leandro Gomide

Global Phenomena in Piecewise Smooth Dynamical Systems.

Directors: M. A. Teixeira (U. Campinas), M. Guàrdia and T.M. Seara.


6.  Bastien Le Bihan

Transport around Earth_Moon-Sun and Low-Thrust.

Director: J. Masdemont.


7.  Alberto Pérez Cervera

The Role of Isochrons and Phase Response Curves in Neuronal Communication.

Directores: Gemma Huguet and T.M. Seara.


8. Rodrigo Gonçalves Schaefer

Chaos and Global Instability in Hamiltonian Systems.

Director: Amadeu Delshams.


9. Catalina Vich

Estimació de Connectivitat entre Neurones i Reproducció via Sistemes Lineals a Trossos de Components Neuronals, 2016, UIB.

Directors: A. Guillamon, R. Prohens (UIB).


10. Juliana Fernandes Larrosa

Bifurcaçoes de Familias a tres paràmetros de Sistemas Planares de Filippov, 27/11/2015, U. Campinas.

Directors: T.M. Seara, M. A. Teixeira (U. Campinas).


11. Daniel Pérez

Dynamical Transport Mechanisms in Celestial Mechanics and Astrodynamics Problems, 30/11/2015, UB.

Directors: J. Masdemont, G. Gómez (UB).


12. Oriol Castejón

Study of Invariant Manifolds in Two Different Problems: the Hopf-zero Singularity and Neural Synchrony, 16/07/2015, UPC.

Directors: I. Baldomá, A. Guillamon, T.M. Seara.


13. Anna Tamarit

Singular Phenomena in the Length Spectrum of Analytic Convex Curves, 06/07/2015, UPC.

Directors: P. Martín, R. Ramírez.


14. Adrià Simon

Diffusion Through Non-transverse Heteroclinic Chains: A Long-time Instability for the NLS, 06/07/2015, UPC.

Director: A. Delshams.


15. Patrícia Sánchez

Application of Dynamical System Methods to Galactic Dynamics: From Warps to Double Bars, 29/06/2015, UPC.

Director: J. Masdemont.


16. Abraham de la Rosa

Global Instability in the Elliptic Restricted Three Body Problem, 16/06/2014, UPC.

Directors: A. Delshams, T.M. Seara.


17. Marina Gonchenko

Homoclinic Phenomena in Conservative Systems, 29/04/2013, UPC.

Directors: A. Delshams, P. Gutiérrez.


18. Albert Granados

Local and Global Phenomena in Piecewisedefined Systems: From Big Bang Bifurcations to Splitting of Heteroclinic Manifolds, 17/09/2012, UPC.

Directora: T.M. Seara.


19. Pedro E. García-Rodríguez

Noise-induced Reversals in Bistable Visual Perception, 06/06/2012, UPF.

Directors: A. Guillamon and G. Deco.


20. Inna Basak

Explicit Integration of Some Integrable Systems of Classical Mechanics, 28/03/2012, UPC.

Director: Y. Fedorov.


21. Luis Ortiz

Haar Wavelets-Based Methods for Credit Risk Portfolio Modelling, 24/11/2011, UPC.

Director: J. Masdemont.


22. Oswaldo Larreal

Cálculo de la Escisión de Separatrices y Regiones de Estabilidad Usando Multiprecisión: El Microtrón y la Singularidad Hopfzero, 21/07/2011, UPC.

Directora: T.M. Seara.


23. Elisa Maria Alessi

The Role and Usage of Libration Point Orbits in the Earth-Moon System, 4/10/2010, UB.

Director: J. Masdemont.


24. Marcel Guàrdia

From Non-smooth to Analytic Dynamical Systems: Low Codimension Bifurcations and Exponentially Small Splitting of Separatrices, 19/07/2010, UPC.

Directora: T.M. Seara.


25. Laura Garcia

Proximity Maneuvering of Libration Point Orbit Formations Using Adapted Finite Element Methods, 04/02/2010, UPC.

Director: J. Masdemont.


26. Alejandro Luque

Analytic and Numerical Tools for the Study of QuasiPeriodic Motions in Hamiltonian Systems, 12/01/2010, UPC.

Director: J. Villanueva.


27. Primitivo Acosta

Galoisian approach to supersymmetric quantum mechanics, 02/07/2009, UPC.

Director: J. J. Morales.


28. Gemma Huguet

The Role of Hyperbolic Invariant Objects: From Arnold Diffusion to Biological Clocks, 16/10/2008, UPC.

Directors: A. Delshams, A. Guillamon.


29. David Blázquez-Sanz

Differential Galois Theory and Lie-Vessiot Systems, 07/07/2008, UPC.

Director: J. J. Morales.


30. Pablo Roldán

Analytical and Numerical Tools for the Study of Normally Hyperbolic Invariant Manifolds in Hamiltonian Systems and Their Associated Dynamics, 27/11/2007, UPC.

Directors: A. Delshams, R. de la Llave.


31. Elisabet Canalias

Contributions to Libration Orbit Mission Design using Hyperbolic Invariant Manifolds, 24/07/2007, UPC.

Director: J. Masdemont.


32. Sergi Simon

On the Meromorphic Non-Integrability of Some Problems in Celestial Mechanics, 09/07/2007, UB.

Director: J.J. Morales.


33. Mercè Romero

The Role of Invariant Manifolds in the Formation of Arms and Rings in Barred Galaxies, 12/02/2007, UPC.

Director: J. Masdemont.


34. Carme Olivé

Càlcul de l'Escissió de Separatrius Usant Tècniques de Matching Complex i Ressurgència, 10/07/2006, UPC.

Directora: T.M. Seara.