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Mathematical and Computational Neuroscience

The group works in the following areas in mathematical and computational neuroscience:
Estimation of conductances.
Contact: Toni Guillamon. Collaborators:  Louis Tao (Beijing University), José A. Carrillo (ICREA-UAB), María J. Cáceres (Univ. Granada); John Rinzel (Center for Neural Science and Courant Institute, New York University), David McLaughlin (Courant Institute and Center for Neural Science, New York University); Tomeu Coll (UIB), Rafel Prohens (UIB).
Mutual effects between synaptic depressions and network activity.

Contact: Toni Guillamon and José Manuel Benita . Collaborators: Mavi Sánchez-Vives (ICREA-IDIBAPS), Gustavo Deco (ICREA-UPF).
Effective computation of Phase Resetting Curves and Surfaces

Contact: Gemma Huguet and Toni Guillamon.
Inhibition around Motor Cortex

Contact: Marina Martínez and Toni Guillamon. Collaborators: Josep M. Espadaler (Hospital del Mar, IMIM).
Study of fast-ripples at the hippocampus

Contact: José Manuel Benita and Toni Guillamon. Collaborators Liset Menéndez de la Prida (Instituto Cajal-CSIC), Gustavo Deco (ICREA-UPF)